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Corum - 2nd over the podium on the Julius Baer | Entire world EventsPush release Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum watches, announces with emotion and proudness the ultimate result of the Okalys-Corum crew in the Grand Prix Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne. The team of Nicolas Grange, owner and skipper, with Loïck Peyron for the helm with the Determination 35, wins a brilliant 2nd place on the podium from the Obstacle Julius Baer. 
SUI two Okalys - Corum L. Von Siebenthal Talent, commitment and complicity would be the key-words which develop the team's energy in the course of this competitiveness within the Lake Leman. The group members happen to be actively supported by Corum's one hundred sixty employees' encouragements. With this second position about the podium, the Okalys-Corum staff offers a real reward to your collaborators of your watchmaking model of l. a. Chaux-de-Fonds.Previous race in the Challenge Julius Baer, the Grand Prix Beau-Rivage was declared as among one of the most challenged Black Dial with Black Rubber Strap Gear Bezel BL2695 ; a regatta week-end with in the stake a secured spot over the podium for Okalys- Corum which shared the trio with the head from the problem with Alinghi SUI-1 and Foncia. The issue from the race to the lemanique waters relied on the tactic, the solidarity as well as the wind which all would seal up the final classification from the Okalys-Corum group. At the conclusion of the 09 season's 7 races, the 3 successful groups which would pit their toughness with the to start with phase of your podium had been presently recognised with Alinghi on the head (8points), adopted by Okalys-Corum (10points) and at last Foncia (13points). Only two points divided our staff from the defender on the title. The victory was introduced as pretty tricky and challenged. Regardless of whether Okalys-Corum received the Grand-Prix Beau-Rivage Palace, Alinghi SUI-I necessary to realise a foul rating and unfastened their advance of two details they'd around the standard classification. A week-end brimming with suspense spellbound the spectators within the docks of Ouchy.At the end of the Grand Prix Beau-Rivage, considered one of probably the most challenged race, Chief Government Officer of CORUM, Antonio Calce reported:A huge satisfaction. If we look with the two successful teams of your Obstacle Julius Baer, we are able to see the team Okalys-Corum consists largely of semi-professionnals but passionate sailors who obstacle special qualified navigators composing the largely well-known Alinghi team. At the end of the Challenge Julius Baer, Okalys-Corum and Alinghi count exactly the same number of details, exactly the same quantity of victories. To come to a decision who is the winner between each groups, the volume of second spots over the period is decisive. We overlook the victory by hair's-breadth. Even if my impressions remain quite beneficial, simply because I take into consideration the crew Okalys-Corum won its victory, I come to feel a slight frustration for this primary area they mostly might have deserved. This is the sport's act. A true link exists concerning Corum plus the group Okalys-Corum. Their performances aren't only as a result of a professional competence and also many thanks for their veritable passion and harmony. This passion and this spirit have permitted to Corum also to the Okalys-Corum team to hoists on their own in the top.This project is federative from your commencing for all staff on the manufacturer. A real symbiosis might be founded together with the Okalys-Corum crew many thanks to our frequent values. I'd prefer to thank after more my team which has been existing at each individual party of the Obstacle as well as sailors of Okalys-Corum that have competed together with throughout this period. We've been looking forward on the next time, naturally this wonderful adventure proceeds.Nicolas Grange, proprietor and skipper of Final decision D35 Okalys-Corum reveals his impressions once the past race from the season:It was an extremely superior season for your Okalys-Corum workforce. We had the chance to sail with Loïck Peyron who supported our group of passionate sailing amateurs. The coaching, the trainings and the signifies had been different than for the experienced team like Alinghi. We also had to regulate lots of adjustments during the season as a result of specialist obligations. Taking into consideration these aspects, we've been actually happy with our performances and moreover we are proud to depend precisely the same variety of factors (twelve) than the coming winner of the America's Cup. Quite possibly the most vital point to us, would be to have satisfaction by sailing! In ideal harmony using the CORUM credo : « Where by there may be enthusiasm, fantastic achievements are inside arrive at », this victory proves that only jobs which might be supported by potent human values can succeed. Inside of a tough affordable context, excellent of human relationships are definitely the key of achievement with the culture. The sporty partnerships designed by Corum breathe a whole new energy and energy within the brand's sails, and allow to every employee to discover by themselves into the victories and accomplishments in the athletes.Evaluation on the of racing week-end in Lausanne (results on the races taken through the Grand Chelem releases)The Beau-Rivage Palace Grand-Prix was the final regatta of the Julius Baer Challenge and "justice of the peace" since the winner was nevertheless for being outlined. Driving the suspense to its paroxysm, the wind ultimately did not increase on Friday and no race could be began. Tudor Date-Day Just after three races on Saturday, Alain Gautier on Foncia concluded the year efficiently, he wins two on the three races and even frightens his immediate challenger, Nicolas Grange's orange D35. Okalys-Corum finishes at the next location. Man de Picciotto's Zen Too normally takes the 3rd location of the podium and Alinghi SUI 1 finishes in the fourth area.This week-end was also decisive to the remaining classification in the Problem Julius Baer. The profitable trio has demonstrated its performances during the year and experienced a substantial advantage in excess of another teams. At this Grand Prix Beau-Rivage, the problem involving the primary two teams, Alinghi and Okalys-Corum was fierce. Foncia, at third spot, experienced nothing to free and will permit much more dangerous manoeuvres.For the top of its performances, Alinghi SUI 1 eventually wins the Obstacle Julius Baer for that third time. Using the identical score, Okalys-Corum will take the second place within the podium. Foncia, winner of two Grand Prix as well as Bol d'Or Mirabaud, finishes with the 3rd position.Classification with the Grand Prix Beau-Rivage    1 SUI 5 Foncia 6 pts two SUI two Okalys - Corum nine pts three SUI 4 Zen way too eleven pts four SUI one Alinghi eleven pts 5 SUI 3 Julius Baer fourteen pts six SUI 10 Ladycat 21 pts 7 SUI seven Zebra seven 1st Caution 23 pts 8 SUI 11 Veltigroup 23 pts nine SUI 9 Intelligent Home 23 pts ten SUI twelve Banque Populaire 26 pts eleven SUI 8 Romandie fake watches .com 31 pts  General classification on the CORUM Challenge Julius Baer 1 SUI one Alinghi twelve pts 2 SUI 2 Okalys Corum 12 pts three SUI 5 Foncia fourteen pts 4 SUI 3 Julius Baer 31 pts five SUI four Zen far too 31 pts six SUI 9 Intelligent Home 39 pts 7 SUI twelve Banque Populaire forty one pts 8 SUI seven Zebra seven 1st Caution 43 pts nine SUI 10 Ladycat forty six pts 10 SUI 11 Veltigroup 47 pts 11 SUI 6 Alinghi two 48 pts 12 SUI eight Romandie.com 65 pts   Summary of your historical past of the partnershipConfirming its attachment into the environment of sailing, CORUM carries on its history and reinforces its existence inside the arena of nautical sponsoring. Marking a nautical double, the CORUM watchmaking model, joined forces along with the prestigious and successful OKALYS-CORUM staff and lent its name on the Geneva Grand Prix (Grand Prix CORUM); a heritage which earlier mentioned all tells with the conference of passionate folks.Setting up a long-term partnership, the watchmaking brand name has signed a agreement for three years and ideas to produce good strides while in the discipline. To commemorate this new obstacle, CORUM has established a custom trophy for that Grand Prix Corum event. Antonio Calce, CORUM CEO offered it to Ernesto Bertarelli's crew, which was the first winner of your CORUM Grand Prix trophy in May 2009. The names of all winners are going to be engraved on it, while in the order of their victories. As official husband or wife in the Grand Prix, CORUM hoist its primary sail on its watchmaking knowhow by proposing marine chronographs. Official product on the Grand Prix Corum and official watch on the Okalys-Corum crew, the Admiral's Cup Black Hull forty eight watch made of titanium is definitely the brand's legendary design famous for its dodecagonal bezel as well as a dial decorated with nautical pennants. This design properties Caliber CO753, an automatic-winding mechanical chronograph motion chronometercertified from the COSC, the final word sign of reliability and accuracy.The famous Admiral's Cup life on with this sports activities chronograph, replica tudor watches prices constructed for extremes, perpetrates the legend of Admiral's Cup. Embodying the brand's athletic side, the Admiral's Cup Black Hull 48 mm is perfectly in line with technicity and effectiveness from the Okalys-Corum Choice 35, 35-foot (10.81 meter) catamaran produced totally of composite resources. closed melbourne watch co flinders giveaway watches 2541
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